Sunday, March 24, 2013


Misbits is a new place in town, a nice record shop that just opened yesterday!

I think it’s the first one in Bucharest, that really makes you feel like home! I helped with some fluffy details, snakes and clouds and some ideas:) Good luck Ioana P!!!

Come visit!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Time

silver wire magic~ a play with natural elements

         necklace ~ like the wind ~ silver, stones and glass

 beeez dropzy ~ necklace ~ silver wire, stones ~ moon stone, coral and agates

 like the wind ~ silver wire, amethyst and spirals
 traveling in space ~ silver wire and glass beads
 planets of love ~ moon stone, silver wire and lapis lazuli
 colours of summer ~ silver sire, coral, glass beads
 dreamcatcher ~ silver wire, moon stones, coral, agates
 I like to play~ silver wire, labradorite, agates..
 classy ~ silver wire, amethyst and moon stones
 nets ~ silver wire, labradorite, agates..
fruits ~ silver wire, coral and glass beads